There are plenty of reputable photo booth companies out there that offer great services. So why would you choose JTL Photobooths?

I started JTL Photobooths when I was planning my own wedding. My wife and I wanted to have some entertainment for our guests.  A photo booth was the clear choice. I have been to other weddings and I’ve seen photo booths in action. They are always a big hit and everyone seems to have so much fun with them. We fell in love with the open concept photo booth and the idea of having large groups in one photo. We started to do some research and contacted a few reputable companies. We got some quotes and that knocked us back into reality. The truth is photo booths are expensive. My wife and I had a budget for entertainment and all the quotes we received blew that budget right out of the water.  We wanted the photo booth but we just couldn’t afford it.

I started to think outside of the box. Could I do a DIY photo booth setup for my wedding? I started to look on Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration. There were quite a few ideas that I thought could work. I ran the ideas by my wife but she rejected every one of them. She had a vision for our wedding. She was very particular with every detail and entertainment was no exception.  I started to dig deeper and then it occurred to me, I can make my own photo booth. Not a DIY photo booth but rather a legitimate booth that looked very professional.  I should probably back in the story because I failed to mention that I come from fabrication backed in metal and wood working.  My full-time job is a Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician and I do quite a bit of electrical work. I came up with a design and a business plan and presented all this to my wife. She thought I was crazy at first. How can I start a business when we’re in the middle of planning a wedding?  I explained to her that I did my research on other companies.  My design of the booth would appeal to any customer and would be a great addition to any event.   Most important of all, it would be affordable. My wife agreed and JTL Photobooths was born. My first gig was our own wedding. There was no room for error. I didn’t let anyone know that I built the booth. I wanted the booth to speak for itself and it did! What a success! Our guests asked me where I rented this and they were completely surprised when I told them I built this from the ground up. I received nothing but compliments and praise. It was a relief to know that my first gig went well. From there, I was hired to do a few more events and I haven’t looked back.

Now I know what you’re thinking; why is it so affordable? You have probably received quotes that are much more expensive and don’t include the features I have.  There’s got to be a catch, right?  The old saying goes; you get what you pay for. I’m here to tell you that there is no catch.  I was just like you, looking for a photo booth for my event that wouldn’t break the bank.  I offer an extremely unique photo booth that is priced extremely fair. I always tell my customers to do their own research and get quotes from other companies.  I am not in this business to get rich quick.  I’m in this business to give clients another option that seemed too good to be true but ended being everything and more.  If this is something that piques your interest, please contact us and ask for more information.


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